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How much does a solar system cost?

The short answer is that it could cost less than your monthly electric bill thanks to $0 down solar financing! Solar loans and incentives including the ITC solar tax credit, and local programs like net metering offered by cities and power companies like Evergy, Independence Power and Light and Ameren really make going solar more affordable than simply paying an increasing electric bill that never gets paid off. The longer answer is this. Solar is custom designed to fit your personal energy usage. Not everyone has the same electric bill. Some people have an electric bill as low as $40-$80 a month, they may also be on special rates that wouldn’t benefit them to go solar. Solar isn’t a good fit for everyone. Other people may have an electric bill over $800 a month! They’re going to need differently sized systems. It also depends on factors like if it’s going to be a roof-mounted solar system or a ground mounted solar system. Because this is a home construction project that is custom designed and built for our customers, we recommend getting a custom quote that helps calculate your potential savings by going solar while taking advantage of the tax rebates, incentives and showing you what options for financing and net-metering are offered in your area.

How durable are solar panels?

Solar panels are designed to be outside on your roof or on a ground mounted system for decades. We have seen them sustain really heavy hail-storms without damage. In some cases the panels have outlasted shingle and metal roof that needed to get replaced after a storm while the solar system was fine. In a situation like that we will work with your roofer to take the system down, let the roofing company replace your roof, and then reinstall your system. This is typically covered under your home insurance policy. Helio GreenTech uses the best solar panels in the market that are warrantied for 25 years! The life expectancy of a solar panel is much longer than the warrantied period and in 25 years they should still be producing about 90% of what they were produced the year they are installed!

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“Because there is an export limit to the grid, we haven’t actually used the full amount of power available to us from the panels yet, but we’re looking forward to the warmer months when we should be able to run all aircons and appliances directly from the sun.”

“Judith goldsmith , over 1 month Eliza Garcia was my representative and I really enjoyed how she explained everything to me , she has been very patient through this process and is very responsive , loved my solar install will be referring friends and family”

“MTED, over 1 month I chose Panasonic solar panels because they have a partnership with Tesla and Panasonic has a good reputation.”

“Terry, over 1 month Just installed 34 535 watt panels. Seeing over 100kwh on most days. Pushing the inverter to its limit”

“Jennings, over 1 month What was recommended for my site.”

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